Indie Electronica Music

Indie Electronica is a wide genre, encompassing all different types of music for different purposes. This article will tell you about independent electronic music, which you might know as alternative dance, independent electronica or simply electronica.

The use of the term has changed over the years due to the widespread ability for anyone to produce music – the term “indie” once referred to artists who hit it big without the help of a major label. However, in the 21st Century, many artists – even whole genres – manage this. Electronic music is one of the genres greatest affected by this change, because high quality productions can now be created by a person with a single laptop.

What is Indie Electronic Music?

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Indie Electronica music is a newly forming genre that tends to mix alternative rock with elements of electronic music. This includes drum beats, electronic samples and structures that allow for “drops” – a large time of quitter build up and then all of the elements of the song’s hook entering the song at once. This is borrowed from EDM. Other elements are taken exclusively from alternative rock – an emphasis on rhythmic guitar, rubato vocals and a slightly detuned sound.

What are the Hallmarks of Indie Electronica?

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Electronica is hard to pin down – as it can be for a range of purposes. The difference between electronica and the more popular electronic dance music is that electronic dance music (EDM,) is created solely to dance to. Electronica can be used for that purpose – and sub-genres such as Dubstep and electronic alternative rock, where the genre has its roots, are great examples of this. Also, many composers use elements of indie electronica to create backing tracks for advertisements, movies and television shows, as well as art installations.

Where did Indie Electronic Music Come From?

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Electronic elements in music have been present since the 1960’s, and proliferated soon after. Indie Electronic Music tends to refer not to purely electronic sounds – such as EDM – but electronic elements being added to rock or other styles of music. Arguably, this started during 1980’s pop, but for a more concentrated indie electronica, you’d have to look to the late 90’s when the technology proliferated so that independent artists could use it. The genre “indietronica” took off under its own badge in the late 2000’s.

What Indie Electronic Music Is Available Now?

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Independent Electronic music is undergoing a major surge in development and popularity at this time. Find out how you can access this type of music with asubscription to a reliable Internet service provider. The popularity of electronic music has never been higher, and that includes sub-genres which aren’t traditional dance fare. This means that there are audiences opening up to electronic music that otherwise would have been closed to the staples of the genre.

For indie alternative rock fans, electronic music is becoming more prevalent: artists such as Imogen Heap with the album Sparks, LP1 by FKA twigs, True Romance by Charli XCX, Something Shines by Lætitia Sadier, Closer by Tegan and Saraand Baazaar by Wampirehave all achieved notable success and are good examples of the future and structure of the new genre.